Free Dance Lesson in Goodyear, AZ

At Arthur Murray Goodyear, our passion is helping Goodyear, AZ, residents gain the confidence and skills they need to dominate the dance floor. We enjoy seeing people pursue their passion, enjoy themselves, and invest in the arts, and we believe that anyone considering dance education deserves a little incentive. To this end, we’re happy to offer a free dance lesson to potential clients and newcomers, taught by one of our skilled and fun instructors.

What to Expect From the Lesson

At your free dance lesson, one of our dance studio instructors will get to know a little about you, your dancing style, what prompted your interest in dance lessons, and any dancing goals you may have that you hope our dance studio can help you achieve. The lesson will begin with the instructor giving you a rundown of dancing basics that fit into your area of interest. This allows us to appraise your skill level and analyze your dancing style so we can adjust lessons for the best results.

After you’ve learned a few steps and moves, your instructor will go over their thoughts and feedback from your free dance lesson. They’ll discuss your weak points, what strengths you have, their thoughts on your overall dancing style and performance, and what goals our dance studio can help you achieve. At the end of the half-hour lesson, the instructor will have developed a loosely outlined plan for your dance education, highlighting what needs work and setting achievable goals.

Why You Should Choose Us For Continuing Dance Lessons

While there’s no pressure or obligation associated with your free dance lesson, we of course hope that you’ll consider choosing Arthur Murray Goodyear for your ongoing dance lessons. We know that our dance programs are some of the most instructive, fun, and engaging lessons in the State of Arizona, and we know you deserve the best.

With more than a century of experience informing our classes and bolstering our reputation, we offer detailed, attentive instruction on a variety of dances. Both private and group lessons are available, and some of our dancing programs include:

  • Competitive dancing
  • Wedding dancing
  • Social dancing
  • Children’s dancing

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Even if you have one specific dance in mind for an upcoming obligation, we’ve got your needs covered, with classes available in waltz, tango, salsa, foxtrot, merengue, swing, rumba, and more. We’ll give you the skill and confidence you need to breeze across the dance floor effortlessly.

Start Moving!

Our professional studio is ready to teach you how to dance with confidence and style so you can enjoy the freedom dance can bring.

Why wait to get your free lesson when you could be scheduling it instead? Whether you’re interested in a long-term commitment to dancing or you just want to prepare for an event, taking our free lesson is the first step to starting your journey, and there’s no pressure to do anything more if you decide it’s not for you. The dance instructors at Arthur Murray Goodyear are always happy to provide more information on our teaching approaches, and you can skim our FAQ to get a sense of what we offer. If you have any questions or want pricing information for lessons, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Free makes it more fun. Call today.

Let’s Dance!

  • Private & Group Lessons
  • Specially Trained Instructors
  • Convenient Times & Enrollments
  • Instructions for All Ages & Experience
  • Customized Programs for Your Unique Goals