Wedding Dance Lessons in Goodyear, Arizona

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Let’s face it, we know that when it comes to weddings there are a lot of things to plan. You will have plenty on your mind in the few weeks before the big day, so you may consider an early start with your special first dance.

If you have a few songs in mind already, bring your music to your consultation. Otherwise, we can help you choose a song that fits.

When you arrive, you will meet the new student advisor and the new student specialist, along with other new students like yourself.

Your wedding specialist will begin the appointment by getting to know what you have in mind for your first dance and wedding reception. The more details you share with us, the better we can assist you with your dance needs. For example, do you prefer a fancy dance with dips or a more low key, casual dance? Soft and romantic or upbeat and flashy?

Your wedding specialist will share their recommendation with you and the new student advisor after teaching you a few dance steps. Don’t forget your calendar to schedule future appointments!

After taking a few lessons, it may be a nice idea to invite some of the wedding party or parents in as well.

Let’s Dance!

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