Salsa Dancing in Goodyear

Lessons for All Ages & All Levels!

Salsa has become an extremely popular dance form and is an enjoyable activity to do with friends, family, or even complete strangers! At Arthur Murray Goodyear, we have taught countless students the basics and beyond of salsa for many years. Join in on our Goodyear dance lessons to experience a fun, easy way to learn everything you need to know about this classic dance form.

Our salsa instruction will help you learn the following:

  • Foot position
  • Dance steps
  • Proper timing
  • Styling and technique
  • Artistry and flare

Our goal is to teach you the essentials in a quick and efficient manner so that you can immediately start dancing with your friends and family in any upcoming events. If you are ready to get started with this or any other of our lessons, then ask our staff today to book your free introductory lesson! Call us at (623) 398-8221 to set up your first class.

Let’s Dance!

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