Tango Dance Lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Dance Lessons That Improve Your Health & Confidence

One of the most recognizable and intricate dances among ballroom dancing is the tango. At Arthur Murray Goodyear, we provide valuable instruction for learning how to handle the complex movements and elaborate footwork required to accomplish this dance with skill and ease. If you are a complete beginner, do not worry! We are here to guide you on each step of the learning process.

Tango can benefit you in many way beyond just the dance, such as:

  • Proper posture
  • Improved coordination
  • Increased confidence

Whether you want to learn the more structured American or International Tango, or wish to delve into the complex and sensual Argentine Tango, we offer top-notch instruction you can count on. No other place in Goodyear can provide the kind of expert training we offer to you! To get started with our dance lessons, contact our studio at (623) 398-8221.

Let’s Dance!

  • Private & Group Lessons
  • Specially Trained Instructors
  • Convenient Times & Enrollments
  • Instructions for All Ages & Experience
  • Customized Programs for Your Unique Goals